London sign painter Sign writing a Timberland Store in Guildford.

Timberland have a grade 2 listed premises in the heart of Guildford town centre, set on on steep hill.

Luckily this premises is on the top of the hill, which meant a stable platform for the ladder.

Due to the building’s age, it meant the signage for the company had to be produced in keeping with the period of the building.

With the fascia leaning outward & the masonry having pertruding cornices at the top, either side of the fascia, it meant the fascia had to look from the period the building was built, so the Victorian era.

I was asked to hand paint the fascia despite being a london sign painter.

Matt finish paint was used, as glossy would look too new or not in keeping.

Obviously Timberland wanted to keep their branding, which they are allowed, as long as not bright colours &  not produced with vinyl signs.

So their branding & logo was measured out & drawn on a layout before being pounced onto the fascia.

The logo & branding letter style was then hand painted, using a sign writer brush. Sign writing two coats of paint were needed to get a good opaque look.

Looking down the hill from sign writing Timberland store. The weather was deceptively cold, let me assure you! it didn’t help being in the shade & with a biting head wind. The edging work on their logo was difficult when feeling fingers was an issue!

Due to the cold weather, finding feeling fingers difficult & a lot of sign writing to get done in a short space of daylight time, I didn’t have much time for photos on this job. Just sign writing all day to get it finished.

The completed job sign writing the Timberland store

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