Shop Front signs for a fruiterers in Hampstead, with a long tradition & history in the area, were in need of a fresh look.

They chose the back ground colour to be green & had their masonry fascia ready painted in a vintage green.

It was this that gave the idea to keep to the whole look vintage.

The brief originally was for the signwriting to be central with pictorials of fruit either side of the company name.

I suggested that for their shop front signs a vintage look would work well due to the shape of fascias they had, so I designed them mock up to explain what they could have.

They loved the idea of it. I suggested the drop shadow colour & to also have the numeral above the entrance, with it to have its own coachline border, so either side would have seperate coachlines too.

The pale yellow signwriting being painted on the first day

The whole job was a full 2 days. All the pale yellow signwriting was added on the first day, with the drop shadows added the following day.

There were some heavy rain showers in Hampstead to cause delays, but the 2 day timeframe allowed for the delays, as there often are some!

The building is set on a slope to the left, which posed difficulty for ladder or scaffold use, but its overcome by adding padding under one leg of the ladder.

The pertruding curved fascia above the entrance posed a problem for mounting the ladder at a good painting height, but that was overcome & the sign writing was still neat with good coverage & the coachlines still a good even thickness.

The coachlines were painted using a specialist lining signwriter brush.

The whole job completed, with traditional shop front signs.

A pic taken from the same spot of how the company had the shop before getting the shop front signs makeover. This had been hand painted too, but was very tired looking.

Another old hand painted shop front sign they used to have, as the company has been trading in the same place since the 1960s. The re-vamp was strangely similar to this, despite this image not coming to light, until after the job was done!

Contemporary & Traditional Sign writing Hand Painted in London

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