Hand painted signs for a business that moved from office space, where they were trading online, to a shop

It meant they could have passing trade & a shop window for displaying their wares in Mayfair, where the store is located.

They already had a logo & used Times New Roman font as a branding, due to the name Times & also as its commonly seen in their field of business, as a type face.

The clients requested that the brand name & logo be above the main window & door entrance, with their ‘subheading’ written above the 2nd window.

The wording was laid out with a pre measured & designed artwork, which was reliefed onto the fascia. The hand painted signs were then produced using oil based enamel paint & with a sign writer quill brush.

Laying on the lettering for the brand name & base colour for the logo

The job took 2 days & there was a bit of a delay due to sleet, as it was mid winter, so short daylight, as well as freezing wind.

It made it a slower process than normal, but to be expected at that time of year.

The base colour of the logo refused to dry due to the weather, so the rest of the logo wasn’t attempted until the following day.

The hand painted signs lettering was added first, before the shading details

The completed logo. A complex one, but well worth the effort, as its such a great design!

The client was more than happy with the finished result & the signwriter was quite pleased too! Especially given the weather conditions!

Traditional hand painted sign writing in London

Sign writer – Traditional Signs of London