info@traditionalsignsoflondon.ukRetail shop signs hand painted on a shop front for a designer eyewear company who opened a new flagship store in Seven Dials, Covent Garden.

The letter style was already their branding & logo, so they requested that it have the sign writing in the same style.

The Fascia had to be sanded & base painted by myself, before the sign writing could be achieved.

It was requested that the lettering be central between the edge of their front door & the far side of the fascia, as the door with the 13 is a seperate entrance to the flat above the store.

To get the retail shop signs spot on, it was important to be precise & use a good crisp chisel edged sign writer brush.

Two different sizes were needed to make sure the lettering stayed sharp & straight edged.

The clients requested their retail shop signs included a hanging sign to look like from the era the company’s branding is geared to.

I produced a hand prepared, cut to size, plywood panel, which was given a primer, undercoat & topcoat of matte white paint.

I added a routered section of wood for the flat metal bracket section to be screwed to.

The main bracket was purchased & supplied rather than bespoke made.

The hand painted sign writing was produced with a quite small sized signwriter quill & done with precision & time taken. If rushed the finished product just wouldn’t be as neat.

Another request by the clients was to have their desk/counter hand painted too.

The hand painted sign writing was matching all the other writing & written on another home prepared panel.

Again cut to size plywood, with several layers of preparation paint. This was again delivered, with the builders fixing it to the desk/counter.

Traditional Hand Painted Sign writing in London

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