Sign writing design for a hair stylist studio setting up their first location in Spitalfields.

They had their branding & letter style to use throughout all their imagery. Their Website, social media, paperwork etc.

The premises they set up in was actually only one of the 2 doors at the front of the building which was all painted to the same background colour.

Because of this it was requested that the fascia panel above the main window should have the sign writing design on it, with the location address to be written above the entrance door.

The layout for the sign writing design was measured & sized before added to a paper layout, which was pounced onto the surface, once it was re-measured to make sure the signwriting would be central to the panel.

The lettering was then hand painted using a sign writer chisel edge quill brush.

A matt/flat white enamel paint was used.

The lines within the logo were all signwritten without tape. Its a case of knowing the method & having a steady hand.

The edge of hairs of the signwriting brush are used to produce straight lines.

There’s no real issue with using tape, other than the paint could bleed a little which can’t occur if stroking the lines with a signwriter brush.

The same method was applied to the panel above the entrance door.

Ideally the 54 could’ve been moved down a little so further away from the drilled hole, but as the clients hadn’t realised the issue with the hole, I was therefore no able to change what was designed, as I assumed it had already been considered.

The ‘negative’ space between the base of the facade &  street wording & the street wording & numerals were equal.

The sign writing completed & the fresh exterior lamps added completing the look.

The frontage of the building & the letter style really set each other off & have a smart, professional, vintage & chic appeal.

The Clients were thrilled with the sign writing design work, as well as happy to be starting up in their new premises, which now had a nice vintage appeal as well as a smart crisp look.

The co-owner & stylist S.J posed for a pic to show her appreciation of the work a sign writer puts in to bringing their designs & aspirations to reality.

Traditional & Contemporary Hand Painted Sign writing in London

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