School signs produced at a North London school, in their staff room, with a motivational quote in a contemporary style.

Due to the clients requesting the signs to be written in a particular pair of fonts, and their being so much text, it would be very time consuming to paint it all by hand, so using a paint mask method was used to produce it in a shorter time frame & be slightly more cost efficient price.

Internal wall signwriting is dependant on the surface of the internal wall & how well decorated/painted it has been before doing the signwriting or masking.durable. Its also far easier to paint on from the brush.

As can be seen the mask still needs some effort to get correct. It needs positioning & centred. It also needs to be applied correctly or it leads to paint bleeds & a bad finish.

This image just gives an idea of scale of the school signs & where it was seen from across the room etc.

The advantage of a sign writer being able to either sign write or mask is that should there be any issues it can be corrected once applied. Other sign firms don’t have the skills to do this & often leave the clients with a far from crisp finish, with the edges of the lettering ‘burred’ or with paint bleeds. A traditional signwriter is able to cut in prefectly or produce sharp edged lettering without the mask. Its just used to speed up a process, giving the same finished result.

I was humoured somewhat that this was a job for school signs & I had been given some marking for my work & had ‘homework’ given by the teachers . . . . apparently if wording is starting with bullet points, they don’t need capital letters, which was me taught!

I returned & repainted the lower case letters by hand, which is  the skill of a traditional sign writer who can do that if needed.  A vinyl based sign company would struggle to do this simple task.

Hand Painted Traditional & Contemporary Signwriting in London

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