Signwriter painting glass for a hairstylist repeat client opening a fresh salon in Aldgate. With a salon in Spitalfields established clients Blow Dry Express wished for their new premises in Whitechapel, Aldgate to have a slight traditional feel despite being a grass front modern building, as they’re branding is vintage looking & the salon in Spitalfield is a lovely looking period building¬† with traditional signwriting I produced for them.

Being a signwriter painting glass is part of traditional signwriting & is produced quite simply. A design is drawn to the measured size required & taped into place, on the outside of the glass. The design is then hand painted onto the glass on the inside. Here you can see the guide rather than the design on the glass, with the painting of the logo already produced using the method mentioned. Its done in reverse to how a shop fascia etc would be produced. So the logo branding was painted in white first & then the black circles were added behind them. With it being a hairstylists & them cleaning the windows so regularly varnish was added after the black paint had cured, to add protection from cleaning chemicals removing any of the signs.

one of the entrance double doors completed with the black roundel painted after the white signwriting. Painting on the inside of the glass leaves a perfectly flat image on the glass & with the black painted behind there’s no chance of ‘grinning’ (brushstrokes & streaks) showing.

The pair of entrance doors completed showing from the outside.

A signwriter painting glass has to be aware & concern about resting on the glass. as It was only a step or two above head height, there wasn’t much force on the glass with the ladder but generall a hop up or other platform would be used to avoid this problem.¬† The coachlines were measure & taped for speed & so avoiding any wibbles on a large scale of lining noticing. The logo was then painted using a signwiter quill brush in white, along with the premises address in the same style of lettering to match. All the signwriting produced as sharply & concisely as possible & then allowed to dry, along with the border.

Like with the entrance doors, once the black was painted over the top, the finish was much improved, with no sign of streaks or brush marks with a good covering of evenly covering of paint. The completed look is as good as any other medium that could’ve been used & kept that touch of tradition in such a contempoary building.

With this image on the other part of the building it was quite a challenge to try & produce a piece of vintage look in amongst such modernism, but the clients were more than happy with the results & with the whole interior of the salon being two tone, it has an art deco feel throughout.

The entrance would benefit from some downlighting to enhance the signs on the windows, as its quite sunken into the building & set back from the road, but I would hope that their clients would book appointments without being passing trade, as Its not situated on a main throughfare anyway, but is situated opposite a large hotel, which I’m sure is part of their target audience.

Signwriter painting glass traditionally by hand in London

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