Welcome. My name is Wes Wills. I’m an individual, self employed, traditional signwriter & gilder. I produce hand painted signage for a wide variety of retail & residential buildings, as well as vintage mobile catering outlets, classic & commercial vehicles & more.

There is a great demand for tradition & the authentic appeal of a hand lettered sign. It’s a way of portraying an appreciation of sophistication, style & above all care for your business. It shows the clients that you take appearance in your business seriously & have  a knowledge & consideration of it’s heritage.

There are many areas which come under council’s preservation & conservation, which lends itself to using a signwriter & gilder, as its a traditional look for a modern day facade or a way of keeping a historic or vintage appearance. Its not just vintage though, as I can replicate a rustic wood effect or stick to a shabby chic style if the client requests. The methods used are quite basic in terms of tooling & there fore costing can be very competitive or even cost efficient compared with modern day techniques.

Offering quality, style, heritage and durability